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Complete Girls Traditional School Uniform With Gymslip & NO blazer

Ref: 743

Here is the chance to purchase in one go everything you need to dress yourself as a traditional schoolgirl except for a school blazer. Not only that but you can mix 'n' match items to create your own bespoke, traditional school uniform.

Please remember that this deal DOES NOT include a blazer.

Gymslips are now available in 5 different colours.

Knee length socks are now available in 5 different colours.

If you decide to purchase a complete uniform using this package then you will receive a discount on the total purchase price.

With this complete uniform package you will receive the following; Gymslip, Gymslip Sash OR Gymslip Belt, Tie, Blouse, Knickers and Knee Length Socks. Use the drop down menus to make your choices.

All of my gymslips are fully machine washable.

N.B. If you choose a belt for your gymslip then please select a size that is 8" larger than your chest / bust size.

All you need to add is a pair of shoes!

The only additional fee you may have to pay is a £19.99 for adjusting the length of your gymslip.

Please remember to select EITHER a gymslip belt OR a gymslip sash. Please do not request both.

If you would like to add a blazer to your new uniform then please see the 'Bespoke Wool Flannel Blazers' or Special Range Blazers' section. Blazers now need to be ordered separately.

If you wish to discuss your purchase with me personally then why not drop me an email or give me a call on 01298 211135. Have fun !

Please note. The following gymslip sizes are currently out of stock.

Royal : 38" & 48".

Price: 150.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Length Of Gymslip